Monday, December 04, 2006

What I Liked and What I Didn't

Things I liked on Sunday (aside from Rex Grossman's 1.3 QB Rating):

1. Napoleon Harris intercepting a pass with a cast on his arm. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Harris' play so far this year has made it look like the Vikings' got the better of the Randy Moss trade.

2. Chester Taylor's toughness. The man's ribs were bruised in the second quarter. Despite the pain of bruised ribs, he continue playing for another quarter. Oh, just a bruise you say? Think about it--your ribcage moves everytime you breath. Combine that with huge, angry men slamming into you at high speeds. That has got to be a special kind of pain.

3. 75 yards from the Vikings' back up running back against what was the 8th best rushing defense. Looks like that Ciatrick Fiason pick was a pretty good one. (Chicago dropped to 11th after the Vikings gashed them for 192 yards).

4. The Vikings had 21 first downs. The Vikings did not have that much trouble moving the ball on Sunday. They just had problems not ending drives with turnovers.

Things I didn't like on Sunday (aside from Brad Johnson's play):

Troy Williamson being inactive. I was holding out hope that he would be able to turn it around for next year, but if this is any indication, he's going to challenge Mike Williams for biggest bust of their draft.

2. Only 1 sack. That stat, more than any other, makes me think that those four interceptions were as much Rex Grossman as they were the Vikings defense. A pass rusher has to be the first priority for the Vikings' next year. Or at least priority 1a behind a real reciever.

3. The lack of discipline during the game. The Vikings had 12 penalties. 12 freaking penalties! Childress was brought in to instill discipline in the squad. He's only partially accomplished that. The Vikings' off the field issues have either disappeared or been dealt with swiftly. The Vikings on the field, however, are an undisciplined mess. They are the most penalized team in the NFL meaning they're worse than such well coached teams as the Dennis Green led Cardinals, the Art Shell led Raiders, and well, the rest of the NFL. Childress needs to figure out how to fix this issue and figure it out fast.

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Hillrat said...

Another thing to like was seeing Hutch kick the crap out of T-Harris and as well as C-Griff playing great.