Friday, December 22, 2006

A Playoff Dream Deferred

Three first downs. More than three dropped passes. No blocking. What does that equate to? A loss, a sweep by the Packers and an end to any playoff hopes. Just an awful effort by the offense today.

Luckily for the future, it wasn't Tarvaris play that kept the Vikings from moving the ball. He was getting the ball to his receivers when he had time. And while he was having problems feeling where to move in the pocket, his line's poor play would have caused even Peyton Manning problems. He'll figure that stuff out as he plays more. If Tarvaris had gotten some help, he would have been able to generate enough offense for the win (enough offense meaning one single field goal). Instead, the O-Line wasn't opening any holes for the running backs, wide receivers were dropping balls left and right (I don't really want to discuss Troy Williamson's drop after talking him up on Wednesday) and everyone and their mother was getting penalized.

And so, once again, the Vikings lost due to offensive ineptitude. As I've said before, if the offense had managed to be even mediocre against the 49ers, Bears and Dolphins, the Vikings would have locked up a playoff spot already. I guess it's fitting that the loss that eliminates from playoff contention was due to their offense being shut out by the second worst scoring defense in the NFL.

The Vikings have now been in existence for 46 years. They have yet to win a championship in that time. Only the Eagles, Cardinals and Lions have gone longer without without a championship. All three, however, have won championships.

[And I know it's kind of a bad time, but I just wanted to wish everyone who stops by here a Happy Holidays. I really appreciate everyone that reads my stuff, and especially those who join in the discussion.]


twins15 said...

The O-Line was just atrocious. I mean one of the worst Line performances I've seen. And then of course the penalties. So much for accountability. #$@$!!

TBird41 said...

Childress has the accountability halfway down--he did a great job with the off the field stuff this year.

The penalties, however, need to stop next year. I have no idea how one keeps people from committing penalties, except maybe with lots of yelling. And I know I'm somewhat of a Childress apologist, but Tomlin needs to take some of the blame for the defensive penalties. They're about half of the problem.

That being said, whoever the problem lies with, it needs to be fixed next year, because it is simply inexcusable.

twins15 said...

True, and I'm not calling for Childress to be fired or anything like that, I'm just frustrated. Week after week the Vikings seem to make the same mistakes w/r/t to penalties. Just frustrating to watch, especially when it costs the team a playoff spot (among other things, obviously).

cheswick said...

Happy Holidays to you too Tbird! Let's hope Santa brings some better performances to the Vikings for next season.
Enjoy the eggnog!

Xandus said...

I am calling for Childress to be fired because he simply isn't good enough. His "west coast" O is terrible and to top it off he calls plays like he is getting help from Madden 07. I think we can really see who was calling the plays in Philly, not that we all didn't already know, but it is ever more clear that it was Andy Reid and not Childress. I have no doubts that we would've reached the playoffs with Mike Tice... HELL he reached them with a less talented team.

I find it hard to fathom another year of this "West Coast" O as it is simply terrible, or atleast the one Childress is calling. Unfortunetly I don't think we've seen the last of him and he gets another year to see whats under the hood. Heres to hoping he can make me eat my words but I would bet on the fact that we go down the same line as this one next year.