Thursday, December 28, 2006

Goals for the Game

While it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things if the Vikings win on Sunday (the draft is too mercurial for the exact slot too matter too much), there are still quite a few things I’d like to see from the Vikings so that I don’t feel the entire season was a waste. And since I’m in a list kind of mood (who isn’t at the end of the year) here are the five goals I want the Vikings to accomplish.

  1. I want to see the Vikings rush defense set the modern day record. In order to do so, they only need to hold the Rams to 152 yards. Not only, that, I want them to finish the season without allowing a single back to rush for 100 yards against them. That should be accomplished easily enough, especially considering that the Rams are going to open up their air attack on the Vikings ravaged secondary, but Stephen Jackson is a quality running back who’s been successful this year and I’d hate to see them lose the record on the last day.
  2. I want to see Brad Childress use the Tarvaris Revolution properly. Tarvaris has the speed, the arm and the accuracy to be successful in space. Not to mention the fact that he should be willing to tuck the ball and make something happen whenever his first two reads aren’t open (which is probably quite often). Childress needs to call plays that utilize Tarvaris' talents and make sure the Revolution knows it's ok to scramble.
  3. Following that line of thinking, I want to see the Tarvaris Revolution have success. Now, I’m not expecting a 300 yard passing game. Or even a 250 yard one. Not with the receivers he’ll be throwing to. Instead, I want to see him throw accurate passes, avoid any interceptions and scramble when the opportunity presents itself. Basically, I want him to continue to show he has the ability to be the Vikings' starting quarterback next year, whether or not his recievers catch his passes.
  4. I want to see the Vikings put some pressure on Marc Bulger. They haven't had more than three sacks since the Seattle game and have only averaged 1.67 sacks a game since. Considering that teams have been throwing the ball more than forty times a game, that's just awful.
  5. Finally, I want to actually be able to watch the game on Sunday. I know that there's only a small chance that it will be blacked out locally, but I can't say I'd be happy if I couldn't watch the game despite being in Minnesota.

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