Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All I Ask for is Two Interceptions

I don't like the Packers. Actually, that's wrong. I hate the Packers. And I hate Brett Farve.

Brett Farve is precisely why I'm happy I have to watch the Vikings at a bar. And, I hope you realize that, since I'm in Washington, D.C., watching Vikings games at a bar means fighting for one of six seats from which you can see the one TV showing the game. And it's never Vikings fans I'm jockeying for position with either. It means being the lone person who gets upset when Bears/Cowboys/Eagles/Giants/Jets fans convince the bartender that the one TV showing the Purple should join the countless others showing their game. However, it also means that the bar never has the sound on from the Vikings game. And that means I don't have to hear announcers fall all over themselves to talk about how Farve is a gun slinger, a true competitor, a guy who just plays for the love of the game. I don't have to hear them give Farve the Derek Jeter treatment, giving him credit for records he doesn't have (such as most consecutive games started) or telling me that awful interception he just threw was because he was just trying to make a play, a comment normally used to condemn other quarterbacks, but always used positively about Farve. Instead, I can just sit, blissfully, while quietly drinking myself into oblivion and praying Pat Williams breaks Farve's knees and listen to some other game as the Vikings find some new way to lose in a painful manner.

I hate Farve because he's not what they say he is. He doesn't always put the team first. He cares about things other than winning. He's perfectly willing to put himself, or his friends ON OTHER TEAMS first. There was his "bootleg" to Strahan's side in 2002, something for which no video exists online and something no announcer ever mentions on TV, because Farve is a competitor GOD DAMMIT. HE WILL KILL HIMSELF IF IT MEANS A WIN. Which is why he had no problem with his coach calling four pass plays so Farve could tie Marino's record when the Packers were on the goal line with 5 minutes to go last Sunday, down four points. That series included two separate plays on possessions where the Packers had the ball on the 1 inch line, with my favorite play call being the 4th down play where the Packers lined up with Farve alone in the backfield and 5 receivers despite the fact the nose of the ball was half an inch from the goal line.

And I hate Farve because no one ever mentions the fact that he is two interceptions away from tying George Blanda's mark for interceptions thrown in a career. In the last five regular seasons, Farve has, on average, thrown at least two interceptions in a game, six times a season and he's averaged more than two games where he has thrown at least three interceptions.

So all I ask of the Vikings on Sunday is that they get Farve to 277 career interceptions. I know no one will mention it in the media, but when Antoine Winfield or Darren Sharper gets that 277th interception, I'll know. And the fact I'm watching the game on the smallest TV in the bar while wedged between two Pat Williams sized Bears fans won't matter, because Farve will have thrown more interceptions than anyone else.


I_EAT_MEAT said...

Right on brother, right on.

Anonymous said...

If you're so obsessed with the guy you should probably spell his name correctly (Favre).

Anonymous said...

you sound like every other sorry viqueens fan I know! HA!



Princess Farve and the Dipshits said...

Anonymous dipshit, Favre is spelled Farve by Farve haters, dumbass.

Wedge said...

If you had been listening to the games, you'd know that the interception record comes up frequently too. They've been talking about both records for some time now.

At some point I'd like to see the stat on how many of his interceptions occurred after the ball hit his intended receiver in the hands, only to bounce off of them and be intercepted.

Anonymous said...

Lol. It sucks to be a Vikings fan, you don't even hope to win. Just as long as Favre doesn't break the TD record this week

Vagingo on

Bobby said...

LOL.. nice blog Mr. Sour Grapes. You WISH you had a quarterback who was 1/10 of what Favre is. Have fun in mediocrity land douchebag!

favre 4 ever said...

Doesn't sound much like hate.
Sounds a lot like ENVY :)

Todd said...

OH poor dear child so sad you have to sit there and watch the game in a bar loser. Get a job and by Direct TV. Oh you got a job but too tight like all the round heads who can't build a respectable NFL stadium. So sad you have to sit there an watch your wannabes lead by Captain Stubing and the second version of Love Boat albeit Love Boat II.... Perhaps you'll run your new version of the Hill Street Blues (Ed Marinaro) running attack this week. Or let's see should we start the washed up veteran or the young spear chucker this week?? If I were Captain Stubing (you just can't get enough of that love boat thing can ya) I would start the washed up veteran over the spear chucker aka Isaac lmao.... and keep it that way rrrrrrrrrrrr no wait Tommy 494 Kramer that's it. And lest not forget a round head is one whom sits in that glad bag dome "round" stadium of yours and is a transplant from South Dakota or North and has a big round head "mm gee der honey" were in the cities the cities the cities. Course since you can't sell out your damn stadium the cheeseheads will out weigh the round heads as usual how sad. The moving vans will be coming in January for your new Los Angeles Vikings LOSER QUEENS.

SO Sad you have to cut a legend with a heart of a lion. A Hall of Famer with one more Super Bowl Ring then your entire team has ever smelled or should I say smelt. Favre's only a real person who can have fun with the game but show it the upmost respect. You can't take it can ya..Brutal isn't it So sad you are.
I'll be thinking of ya..this Sunday in your pathetic bar while I bask in glory once again and head towards the playoffs while the Queens sad are less then mediocre. LOSER QUEEN ROUND HEAD HEIDI HAIR get a clue.

Gex Rossman said...

Fav-ruh is a great role model for young quarterbacks. Triple coverage? No problem, chuck it downfield anyway!

Anonymous said...

Most wins...

Most touchdowns...

One losing season out of fifteen...

Who gives a rip about most interceptions?

Anonymous said...

What about a stat for all the interceptions that the opposing defense dropped? Favre has had way more of those plays in his career than interceptions that weren't his fault. It was former Vikes D-Coordinator Tony Dungy who said "Favre will throw the ball to our defense 3 times a game, we just have to catch them." Favre is a great quarterback, a Hall of Famer, but he should not be considered one of the Top 10 Quarterbacks of All Time. His arrogance and over-confidence in his abilities, especially the last 4-5 years, has hurt the Pack's offense more than it helped.

Anonymous said...

calling someone a dumbass because they didnt realize that you purposely mispelled someone's name - seems logical to me culpeppur... go pack.

Anonymous said...

Calling a Black QB a "spear chucker" is pretty much par for the corse when it comes to Packer fans.

Packer fans, smell like shit, look like shit, yup, they're shit.

Anonymous said...

Reference the interception record, do some research and compare Favre's passing attempts to Blanda's. Favre has almost twice the attempts.

Jesus, can Queen fans be any dumber?

Anonymous said...

I don't care if Favre throws five INTs, just as long as the Packers win. Which they will.

Anonymous said...

buncha purple douchebags. your sorry state probably won't even have a friggin team in a year or two so stick it in yer ear

Anonymous said...

only hall of famers top the most interceptions list. Why? because if your a crap qb you get benched long before you can get close to this record, and only great qb's can start long enough to get those int's top that list. Thats why as bad as it may look, the int record is actually a sign of a pretty great qb.

Anonymous said...

Brett Favre is truly the Nolan Ryan of his sport. And by "the Nolan Ryan of his sport," what I mean is "quite possibly the most overrated athlete in the history of North American professional sports."

Had Fran Tarkenton been afforded the same kind of chemical enhancement that Green Bay's resident junkie had been afforded over the years, Favre wouldn't be chasing Marino. He'd still be chasing Tarkenton, and he wouldn't have a chance of hell in catching him.

In conclusion, Brett Favre is a worthless, overrated piece of garbage junkie that couldn't even carry the jockstrap of Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and about half a dozen other quarterbacks.

Anonymous said...

Vike fans need "chemical enhancement" to have sex with their ugly women. How typical of a Queen to throw accusations around without a shred of evidence. By the way, Favre has won more games as a starter than any QB in NFL history, so all those other QBs you mention can genuflect by kissing his ass. Especially Fran "Choked In Four Super Bowls" Tarkenton.

3 SuperBowls-- ouch! said...

Wow, praying that some one "breaks Favre's knees" is about as cowardice as it gets on a sports blog... Sadly, it's all too typical from vike fans.

This is one of the many reasons the vikes will end up in L.A.... The vikes have an awful fan base in minny, and the few fans the vikes have are like this coward from the blog....Considering how terrible the vikes have been since their inception, I can understand their misery. However, this type of hatred, jealousy and ignorance is deplorable

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a total moron. How many Super Bowls have the Vikings won? OH, that's right! NONE. You are the most jealous fan I have ever seen; don't hate Favre because you will never have him. I also notice you fail to mention the vast amount of interceptions that Elway and Marino both had, and they had much, much better players surrounding them than Favre does.

All I can say is this-- you are an incredibly bitter fan who is not happy about having Tercrappis Jackson as your QB. Take your absurd purple uniforms and shove them up your ass. Fucking moron. And you wonder why everyone in the NFL hates the Vikings and their fans.

njg said...

"All I can say is this-- you are an incredibly bitter fan who is not happy about having Tercrappis Jackson as your QB."

Ah, excuse me, but our QB is Kelly Holcomb, thank you very much.

And Jesus dude..."Tercrappis"...that's the best you can come up with?!

Anonymous said...

Living in Minnesota was always great because I never actually had to watch the vikings games...They were always black out.

I even remember one of the home games being blacked out when the Vikings went 15-1...that's right. The Vikings had the best regular season record in years, and they still struggled to sell out the dome. That's why we'll be talking about the LA vikings in a few years.

In the meantime all you vikings fans can enjoy being a small part of the Favre legacy. The highlight of your stadium is going to be the fact that Brett Favre breaks the TD record there. That's pretty sad. Nothing else of any importance has ever happened at the dome.

Anonymous said...

I have never, in my life, met a REAL Viking fan, that is on that was not fairweather. As soon as they start playing poorly, everyone jumps off the bandwagon. That is all.

Anonymous said...

"I even remember one of the home games being blacked out when the Vikings went 15-1...that's right. The Vikings had the best regular season record in years, and they still struggled to sell out the dome"

--Hey d-bag, the Vikings have not had a game blacked out since 1997 (they went 15-1 in 1998). If you're gonna talk smack, do it accurately.

Anonymous said...

This is so pitiful that you actually made me laugh outloud. What a sad and pathetic life you must live. Thank goodness for the advent of blogs. This must save you a ton of dollars rather than going to actual therapy.

Regarding the interception record, consider this:


Manning A. .....125..........173..........138.40%
Unitas............. 290..........253.........87.24%
Aikman........... 165..........141..........85.45%

To think that Favre is anything less than one of the top 5 best QB's to ever play this game is absolutely delusional.

Get help man, you really need it. The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

njg said...

The hero worship that exists by Packers fans for Brett Favre is one of the oddest things in professional sports. You idiots legitimately look at him as someone who needs defending like a member of your own family.

Why the fuck do you care so much what other people say about Brett Favre? And in my experience, it's not about the Packers team as a whole...say what you want about them...but if you impugn Brett Favre in the slightest, you will have every backwater, hick-ass Packer fan climbing up your asshole in two winks of a coal-miner's eye.

It's fuckin scary and disturbing, is what it is.

Anonymous said...

How many Packers fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Two. One to screw in the light bulb and one to sit around and talk about how great the old light bulb was.

Anonymous said...

The true measure of interception percentages is total passes thrown divided by interceptions. And Favre has half the interceptions Blanda does.
Favre ranks a close second to Marino for the most pass attempts in NFL history — his 8,303 to Marino's 8,358. So, even though Favre has thrown 275 interceptions, his interception percentage of 3.31 per 100 passes is half that of Blanda's (6.91), and significantly lower than the No. 3 man on the interception list, John Hadl (5.72).

Sour grapes isn't even the term. It's wishful, unknowledgable thinking, twisting things to fit a warped sense of retribution. Think what you will though purple punk, the Vikings are going down once again this Sunday.

Blah blah blah, there's no hero worship. LOL In the same token, why do you go out of your way to bash Favre.?. We're not looking at anything old, we're looking at the present tense, right now, 3-0. I guess when your team sucks you have to find something to do.

njg said...

Where do I bash Favre anywhere in my post? Sure, I bash the Packers fans that would love to have him sleep in their bed each night rather than their gigantic cheese-curd loving wives, but my whole point was that the ridiculous hero worship of Favre (which shines through your post as obvious as every other Packer backer that has commented thus far) is just a weird and altogether creepy characteristic that every big Packers fan I've met share.

P.S. And having a counter argument to the God-like worship of Brett Favre by simply saying "There's no hero worship. LOL"? Not very effective or convincing.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the cowardice by jealous viking fans is disturbing.

njg said...

Says the guy posting on a random blog as "Anonymous". I hope that was meant to be sarcastic or something.

The jealousy and cowardice in my posts are that obvious, huh? Face it man...none of ya'll feel the same type of man-love for ANY other Packer other than Brett Favre. That's how it's been for as long as I can remember, and it continues to weird people out. It obviously makes perfect sense to you guys, but I just wanted to make it clear that not everyone wants to juggle Brett Favre's testicles with the vigor and enthusiasm you fellas do.

Anonymous said...

At least you can go home and look at all of those Super Bowl trophies and feel good about yourself...oh wait

njg said...

Well considering that I am personally not a member of the Vikings organization, nor have I ever been, I wouldn't really be looking at Super Bowl trophies in my home whether we had them or didn't. Thanks though, I DO feel pretty good about myself!

Can I just add once God your collective senses of humor are so lame it's depressing. Where are the funny Packer fans?! There have got to be some hiding somewhere. Is the above kind of joke all it takes to get those heifers sipping Beast Light at the bar to drop their panties for you? Come on! I'm not even saying I'm funny in the least, but I know there's got to be some decent comedy out there in God's country.

Anonymous said...

Like you wouldn't give your left nut to have Favre as the Viqueens QB instead of whatever limp wristed rag arm they're going to shuffle out this week. Don't even bother to tell me that you wouldn't. You know you'd rather have him leading your team any day.

This is so hilarious. It reminds me of the endless drivel on the website.

Enjoy your moment in the blog limelight. After this Sunday no one will ever remember you for anything other than for shaking salt on the fries at the local McD's.

VIkings on TV said...

If you are interested. Stetson's shows all Vikings games on a 90 inch HD projection TV with sound every week.

1610 U Street, NW Wash, DC .

Cheers to Bert Fart breaking a leg this week!

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more. Every time I hear Madden talk about another courageous Favre laser I want to puke. Anyone else throws and interception and they're a shitty quarterback. Favre does it and it's gutsy.

I'll be cheering along with you this week for Favre INT's so he gets his true place in history - an overrated primadonna who is welll past his prime.

Anonymous said...

If Brett Favre ever became a member of the Minnesota Vikings, I'd switch teams until he was gone. If I wanted to cheer for gutless, spineless white trash, I'm sure there are Jerry Springer DVDs available out there somewhere. Hell, some of you Packer fans are probably on them.

Packer fans are living proof that cheering for a football team that happens to have won a game or two doesn't make you a winner. I'm guessing most of you have been Packer fans since mid-2006 or so? If even that long?

No team in football, or in all of professional sports, has more fair-weather, front-running, bandwagon jumping pieces of gutter trash in their fanbase than the Green Bay Packers. I know, that's a hard fact to deal with. That doesn't make it any less of a fact, however.

Enjoy it now, because the Packers of the 70s and 80s will be back before you know it. Not that any of you Johnny Come Latelys would know anything about that.

Tim C said...

What the fudge?

1. Especially Fran "Choked In Four Super Bowls" Tarkenton.

Umm, Tarkenton didn't quarterback the 69 Vikings. The Vikings did suck ass in four Super Bowls, but let's spread the wealth if we're distributing blame.

2. Considering how terrible the vikes have been since their inception,

This would be the team that has more playoff appearances in the last 30 years than any team except the Cowboys? (Hey, 18-24 in the playoffs. Would I rather lose in the playoffs than not get there? You betcha.)

Come on. Laugh a little. And get the facts straight. It's more entertaining that way.

Anonymous said...

"No team in football, or in all of professional sports, has more fair-weather, front-running, bandwagon jumping pieces of gutter trash in their fanbase than the Green Bay Packers."

I presume this poster is a Vikings fan. Why don't you go to the DSM manual and look up "projection." We'll wait.

Do I really have to run down the litany of evidence to support the unbelievable die-hard nature of Packers fans? The stadium, sold out for more than 30 years. The season-ticket waiting list more than 40,000 names long? The thousands of ticketless fans who party in the Parking lot. The endless sea of Packers clothing you see when you visit Wisconsin? The lifelong Packers fans you'll find in every state in the U.S.?

If you're going to try and rip Packers fans on a blog, go with the tried-and-true "they're all fat drunks" approach, or "in Green Bay, they still think it's 1996". But trying to call Packers fans fair-weather -- what a dumbfuck.

Anonymous said...

My question is why there are so many Packer fans living in the Twin Cities. I guess there aren't too many Fortune 500 companies in the Green Bay/Milwaukee area and people gotta eat, right? So why not swallow your pride and move to a better state and talk smack about how great Favre and the Packers are/were. I have a joke for you: How many Packer fans does it take to screw in a light bulb? 70,001 - 1 to actually do it and 70,000 to sit back and talk about how great the old one used to be.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota is basically Wisconsin.

Only with a completely better EVERYTHING.

Mandy Ross said...

How many Vikings fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Two. One to screw in the light bulb and one to sit around and talk about how great the old light bulb was. WE Oh wait, there is no old light bulb worth talking about, as evidence by the empty trophy case.

Anonymous said...

Nice "light bulb" come back (yawn). I see the education system in 'Scony spurns creativity. Wow - you really have me reeling after that one.

njg said...

"How many Vikings fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Two. One to screw in the light bulb and one to sit around and talk about how great the old light bulb was. WE Oh wait, there is no old light bulb worth talking about, as evidence by the empty trophy case."

Jesus. That is appalling.

Anonymous said...

The reason the press wasn't more on top of the interception record was because they assumed that Rex Grossman was going to get there before Brett. Not even Grossman can thow interceptions from the bench so it is now clear that Brett will be the one to set the record.

Anonymous said...

"njg said... The jealousy and cowardice in my posts are that obvious, huh?

Says the guy posting on a random blog as "Anonymous". I hope that was meant to be sarcastic or something."

Everyone is "anonymous" on this blog, so your spin is pretty pathetic.

The filth & violence posted by vike fan is pure cowardice. You guys have earned your awful reputation.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many Packers fans in the Twin Cities? Stay with me, there are a few steps:

1. Tons of Twin Cities students attend college in Wisconsin, where the schools are better and cheaper.

2. Students from Minnesota meet Wisconsin natives at college. Because Wisonsinites are sexually alluring and irresistable, the Minnesotans fall for them.

3. When it comes time settle down, the Minnesotans insist on returning to the Twin Cities, since they miss their high school friends and NO ONE BORN IN THE TWIN CITIES MAY EVER LEAVE.

4. Once settled in the Twin Cities, Wisconsinites do their best to enjoy the one metro area in the whole state of Minnesota that has any sort of cultural or economic vitality.

Anyway, that's how this Sconnie ended up in Minneapolis. I like it here. It's a great city, cursed with a wretched football team and its deluded fans.

Anonymous said...

"2. Students from Minnesota meet Wisconsin natives at college. Because Wisonsinites are sexually alluring and irresistable, the Minnesotans fall for them."

Hmmmm...all the Wisconsin women I've met are all on the heavy side and pretty unattactive...but hey, you keep on telling yourself that.

And as for point #4 - where in Wisconsin is there ANY culture? You eat cheese curds and listen to polka music for god sakes. The only cool thing about your state is that they sell hard liquor at gas stations.

The only thing I'll give you is our football (pro and college) has been a little on the down side lately. No argument from me on that one.

You need to face facts dude - you're the delusional one. Wisconsin does not have much going for it besides Kohl's department stores. I'm not sure you realize how much your state is made fun of on a national level.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin woman are fat and unattractive? What a hilarious, penetrating insight! I will retort thus: "No, no, in fact it is Minnesota women who are fat and unattractive." Oh, my. I had no idea banality could be so much fun.

The "your women are fat an ugly" insult has been with us since ancient Sumeria, my friend. It has been used by every sports fan of every team in the world since the beginning of time.

For your utter lack of original ideas, I salute you sir!

As for the "culture" argument, who the hell even knows what that is anyway.

If you're trying to say that the Twin Cities has better museums and theater and restaurants than they do in Wisconsin, I grant you that (though I'm not sure the people of Milwaukee and Madison would agree). What does any of that mean to a Vikings fan? I live in Minneapolis. Vikings fans are terrified of the big city and all its "culture." They come downtown for games, drive like morons, and hustle their asses back to Chaska so they can eat dinner at Applebees. These people care about culture?

Yet that's always the comeback isn't it? The typical Vikings fan, who wouldn't know Ibsen from a plate of hot dish, prattles on about the supposed wealth of cultural activities in the state: "Yeah the Vikings suck, but we've got so much more to do here than those hicks in Wisconsin -- museums and theaters and stuff." Go enjoy those things, then, Vikings fans. Who's stopping you?

Wisconsin is a the subject of national ridicule? Didn't know that. But I sure enjoyed the movie Fargo. And I loved the Jesse Ventura administration.

Anonymous said...

I think my exact words were "on the heavy side and pretty unattractive"...and by the sound of your little diatribe me thinks I hit a nerve. You seem a tad bit defensive - no? It's ok to be bitter and walk around with your I HEART BRETT FAVRE shirts. You must be an absolute joy at a dinner party talking about this Ibsen guy (who you probably just googled anyhow) all the while enjoying your hotdish and drinking your fancy wine from a box.

Anonymous said...

You may have hit a nerve, but not the one you think.

When all you have is tired nonsense like "your women are fat and ugly," you insult our intelligence. If you're going to attempt wit on a blog comment board, you need to bring fresher material. The Kohl's reference was good. Try to explore that one further.

If I seemed defensive, I hope you'll pardon me. I was merely using exaggeration and irony to point out your insult's complete lack of originality. (You could try Googling "irony.")

Bitter? Why don't you take another look at the title of the original post. It's not Packer fans who are bitter, friend. We're jubilant.

By the way, I'm a delight at parties. I wear my "Favre 4 Ever" dinner jacket, puff away at my green-and-gold pipe, and entertain my guests with humorous insights on 19th century Scandinavian playwrights. I haven't tried the boxed wine, though. Can I get it at Southdale? Or Ridgedale? Or Rosedale? Maybe some other dale?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Bitterman...I've obviously been outwitted by a far superior intellect so I'm going to run home to my suburban Chaska home (I actually live in Mpls but for the purpose of your enjoyable reply I'll play along)with my tail between my legs. I apologize - I probably should have taken more creative writing classes during my 5 years at my MN state school but I was too busy reading Isben (did I even spell that correctly?). I haven't tried box wine either - I'm a beer man myself (but you probably already guessed that, now didn't you?) but figured someone who is as smart and obviously as worldly as yourself would have a nice selection at home. Enjoy the game - I'm sure you'll read about it in the New York Times when you accidently open up the sports page by mistake on Monday thinking you were checking your stocks.

casadequeso said...

this is classic. you both sound like a coupla idiots!

Anonymous said...

Classic indeed, Mr. House of Cheese. I'm sorry to hear that I look like an idiot. I was hoping for exactly the opposite effect. I'll have to try harder I guess.

Let's continue with my anonymous friend, shall we?

"Mr. Bitterman"? Whoa, what will you Vikings fans think of next? Bitterman! Tee-hee. I'm going to use that one at my next dinner party.

"I've obviously been outwitted by a far superior intellect so I'm going to run home to my suburban Chaska home"

First sensible thing you've said so far. In fact..... wait a second. Hey, that's irony! Wow, nice going anonymous Vikings fan! You DID Google it after all!

You live in Minneapolis too? Then you know exactly what I mean about Vikings fans and their inability to drive on one-way streets, and their unique talent for getting caught in the middle of intersections at red lights. Isn't that annoying?

Actually I let my Times subscription lapse. I get my sports from The Economist these days, even though they don't have a sports section, as such. But the political, business and arts coverage more than makes up for it, I find. Incidentally, I never check my stocks in the paper -- that's what accountants are for!

By the way -- and this is for reals -- I'll be at the game on Sunday. And though I fear a Favre meltdown more than my own death, I'll be there cheering on #4 as he sets the TD record and torches the Vikings D. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

1). Minnesota girls are usually blond (real and some peroxide, but nothing like LA) and norwegian, so there's PLENTY of hot ones. But Wisconsin girls, at least those at UW, have a little more variety. It's all about preference. There's plenty of porkers in both states.

2). Packer fans are some of the most loyal, and it always pissed me off when I was growing up (90's)that Vikes broadcasts would get blacked out. Tells you something there.

3). I'd like to see any Packer fan deny that the Vicodin King severely struggles in the Metrodome. Knock the stadium all you want, but your boy can't seem to win there too often. I especially like his little underhand flip passes he likes to throw after he's run a few yards past the line of scrimmage.

4). Being a huge Vikes fan, it pains me to say they will suck this year, probably last in the division. But if they go 3-13 and beat the Pack in the Dome and the Bears at Soldier, I'm all smiles.

And Minneapolis/St. Paul has 10x the culture and economic vitality than everywhere in WI combined. Negative points for Tomah.

Anonymous said...

You know most of your BS is imaginary. Maybe you shouldn't be going to bars, eh? You a juicer?

Just buy yourself a fresh box of Depends and grow up.

Anonymous said...

"3). I'd like to see any Packer fan deny that the Vicodin King severely struggles in the Metrodome. Knock the stadium all you want, but your boy can't seem to win there too often. I especially like his little underhand flip passes he likes to throw after he's run a few yards past the line of scrimmage."

Been paying attention the past 4 years then? Last I saw, Favre got over his problems at the Dome in the recent past, as his 3-1 record the last 4 times he played there suggests.

Anonymous said...

5-10 in his career and admitted by him, the place he hates the most to play in.