Friday, September 07, 2007


I have no idea how to react to this column by perpetual curmudgeon, Patrick Reusse. Frankly, I'm speechless.

A columnist in the Star Tribune actually picked the Vikings to be successful this year. And he actually backed it up with some analysis. Reusse's probably been whisked away to the Star Tribune's "re-education center" where's he being force fed pop culture references from three years ago and forced to compare Brad Childress' choice of running backs to "Bachellorette" Trista Rehn's choice of men.

Or maybe he avoided that by getting in a few shots at the unwashed masses that cheer for the Vikings' for being too negative.


Moving on to Sunday's game, it seems like those who get to watch it, will get to see the Vikings' start out the season with a win. As I wrote the past two days, the Vikings match up perfectly with the Falcons' offense and defense. And with Rod Coleman still very questionable with a quad injury, Atlanta's going to have even more issues stopping Chester and the Purple Jesus.

That's why I think the Vikings pull this one out easily. Chester and the Purple Jesus combine for 150 yards rushing, the Tarvaris Revolution completes between 55%-60% of his passes for 200 yards and a touchdown and the defense dominates Joey Harrington and the running game like it normally does, picking Harrington off once, sacking him once and holding the Falcons to just under 100 yards rushing.

Vikings win 27-10 and the march to the playoffs begins.

Anyone else care to make any predictions?


Tom said...

Reusse's column is stunning isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Vikings win 27-10 and the march to the playoffs begins.