Friday, September 28, 2007

Quarterbacks, Strife and Hope

Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks Favre isn't quite as good as he's made out to be. Which is good to know, since listening to most media people talk about Favre is like listening to them talk about Derek Jeter, only Derek Jeter has at least won more than one championship. And, since I haven't angered enough Packers fans yet, I'd just like to point out that, by using the same logic that they use to argue that the Packers are better than the Vikings (which is that they have more championships), one can quite easily argue that, despite Favre's records, John Elway, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw and a few others are better than Favre.

And while that logic would likely make Euclid cry more than Brett Favre after the final game of last season, what else would one expect from a fan group that called me "douchbag", "LOSER QUEEN ROUND HEAD HEIDI HAIR" (probably my favorite), "coward", "moron" and a "purple punk". Not exactly the level of discourse one would like. Probably what I deserve for baiting Packer fans before the Vikings-Packers game. It's just too hard to resist though.

Something that should not be hard to resist, however, is any urge to stop the game at the Metrodome to celebrate if Favre sets the touchdown record. The interception record can be celebrated, but not the touchdown record. I don't care what Roger Goodell threatens to do to the Purple if they don't let Favre celebrate--Favre, the Packers, Green Bay and the NFL can all shut up and die.

For whatever reason, I don't think it's going to be a problem on Sunday. Maybe it's because Favre's been playing well so far, but I just see him imploding against the Vikings. I really think it's only a matter of time until he starts trying to "make plays" and throws four picks. And what with all the hype about him, his "joy for the game" and all that other crap, it just seems like he's going to revert to Bad Favre and set the wrong record on Sunday (wrong only being the correct word if you are a member of national media, the Packers or a Packers fan). And, since I'm both an optimist and slightly delusional, I think the Vikings pull it out on Sunday, 17-9 and Favre throws three picks. I might be wrong, but I have to say, I'd appreciate it if the universe stopped dumping on us Vikings fans and helped us out a little instead.


CasaDeQueso said...

The game will be stopped when Favre sets the TD record, because the sound of all those Packers fans at the Metrodump will be deafening. But don't worry, the Vikes will be able to get a good fan base going in L.A.

Anonymous said...

All those Packer fans? Are they trying to set a record at the Metrodome for the most trailer trash in one place? Because that's what most Packer fans are. They're trash.

And the only deafening sounds from the front-runners from Wisconsin this weekend will be the deafening silence as the Vikings kick Brett Favre's overrated teeth down his overrated throat in the process of kicking his overrated ass. Then the Packer bandwagon will clear out, as usual, and we won't have to listen to their garbage any more.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mr. House of Cheese.

Mr. Anonymous, you nailed it! The Packers fans are, in fact, trying to set the record for most trailer trash in one place. How did you ever catch on to this? It was such a well-kept secret! You're a clever one, Mr. Anonymous. It was also great the way you continued the "trash" theme throughout your post, ending with "listen to their garbage anymore." Brilliant. I commend you.

By the way, the current record for most white trash in one place is held by the audience of a Kid Rock concert held in Flint Michigan in April 2004. But I'm sure that record will fall on Sunday. C'mon Packers fans, bring your best trash on Sunday for the trash record. Trashity trash trash trash!

Anonymous said...

TBIRD41 seems to be a good sport and a decent, long-suffering Vikings fan, and he understands what "self deprecating" means.

But he's a rarity among Vikes fans.
This obsession with how the sports media glorify Brett Favre -- it's pathetic.

I'll admit, I'm a Packers fan and I think the sportscastsers and writers lay it on too thick. He gets a free pass when he makes a boneheaded play. He's too careless with the ball sometimes, maybe because he has an inflated idea of his abilities.

You're not pointing out anything that Packers fans don't know. We know it, and we love the guy anyway. As a Packers fan, you live by the Favre and you die by the Favre -- he can carry the team to victory on his back, or just as easily lose a game all by himself. But, over the entirety of his career, he's won way, way, way more than he's lost.

Favre's a great story, and media people love a great story. He's about to break one of the biggest individual records in the NFL. He's a beloved by fans around the league. So media people lionize him. There's no mystery here. This isn't an anti-Vikings conspiracy.

Vikings fans are so desperate for any attention at all that they can't bear to see anyone, especially a rival, celebrated.

In fact, when the Vikes do have somebody good, the fans and the organization drive them out of town. Vikings fans turned on Dennis Green, the best coach you've had around here for a long, long time, because all he ever did was make the playoffs every year. You turned on Randy Moss, probably the most gifted athlete who ever wore a Vikings uniform, and drove him out of town too. His bust in Canton will have a Patriots jersey on it. Duante Culpepper got off to a slow start in 05, then blew out his knee. And Vikings fans had no interest in sticking by him. Brad Johnson, who was a solid NFL journeyman (and a super bowl winner), returned to his team to finish out his career and the fans turned on him too.

You don't deserve success, and you don't deserve to have a great player on your team.

Wanna get the national media to gush about the Vikings? Stop sucking. That'd be a start.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, what difference does it make if some dopey homer claims Tarkenton of all people is a superior QB. You can both whine and pout, and you may be too cowardly to admit it, but neither of you think that Franny is a better QB.

Seriously, you come off like a Bears fan. Cry and scream because you lose. The reason you lose is frequently Favre. So you hate him? Hope you don't have children... ever.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, ha ha ha ha....

Bwah ha ha ha ha

Oh ho ho ho ho...

Boy that Brett Favre. He sure sucks. Better bench him.

Bwah ha ha ha ha

Ahh, ha ha ha ha....

Oh stop, you're making my stomach hurt.

Score another one for the Pack!

I will give the normally A-hole Vikings fans some credit, at least they gave Favre proper respect when he broke the record. Then again, it could have been the 40,000+ Packer fans grabbing them by the shirt color and yanking them on to their feet like mom used to do. "Stand up and show some respect or I'll tan your behind boy! That thar' is Brett Favre, the best Quarterback to ever play the game. You show some respect boy."

Anonymous said...

"Maybe it's because Favre's been playing well so far, but I just see him imploding against the Vikings."

Hee hee hee!

Maybe you should stick to whining about the refs.

Anonymous said...

Was looking for that infamous pic of Favre with Ragnork and stumbled across this site...

Interesting that you hate Favre so much, considering the real ragnarok (sp?) is a fan of Favre. Furthermore, your article looks even worse today considering Favre's continued high level of play...and the Packer's 11-2 record.

I hope that you continue to anger for all things Packer continues to consume you--and as a true Viking fan I'm sure you will. It is possible, however, just appreciate someone for the talent and joy they bring to the game--even if they happen to play for your rival.

congrats on life.