Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Average Power Ranking

Something I've done over the past two years is track the Vikings average power ranking, by compiling the average of the various rankings on the bigger websites (I am alll about the statistics, that's for sure). I'll be doing it again this year, with the rankings from five different sites figuring into my advanced statistical calculation of adding them all together and dividing by five:

  1. Cold, Hard Football (25)
  2. (20)
  3. (24)
  4. (20)
  5. Dr. Z's rankings on (18)
The rankings usually come out on Wednesday, so the ranking will be updated every Wednesday afternoon or so. The Vikings are currently averaging out at 21.4. If you were wondering, only Dr. Z had the Vikes in the top twenty. There's a reason why I like Dr. Z.

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