Monday, September 17, 2007

A Low Point

Every revolution has a point where the adversity just seems to be too much. A point when everything seems hopeless and no matter how low the dreams of the revolutionaries were, they seem too far out of reach. When everything is cold and gray and it would just be easier to pack up and give up and go home. For the Tarvaris Revolution, it would seem that point was yesterday afternoon, when he limped off the field with a groin strain after throwing four ugly interceptions and putting up a 26.4 QB rating, the worst of his career.

Ford's Field: The Valley Forge of the Tarvaris Revolution

Tarvaris had flashes of competence, with a few nice runs and he drove the Vikings into field goal range with only 45 seconds left on the clock and no time outs. He got some help from a great run by Mewelde Moore on a short pass, but he was in complete control of the clock and made the plays necessary.

That, however, doesn't negate the ugliness of those interceptions. His first pick was a pass forced into coverage. His second interception was the only one that was because of a poor throw, as it came when he under threw a wide open Robert Ferguson, who was streaking along the side line. His third and fourth picks both came on passes he threw up for grabs with defenders in his face. That means he threw three picks because of poor decision making. It wasn't a physical thing. Rather, it was because he panicked in the face of a stiff rush and made some really bad decisions.

Now, you have to remember that while this is Tarvaris' second season, it was only his fourth game as the starter. He is, for all intents and purposes, a rookie. To sound an optimistic note, Donovan McNabb had two games with QB ratings in the twenties as a rookie. Steve McNair had one in his third full season. Heck, Brad Johnson threw four interceptions in a game last year.

Since it was Tarvaris' decision making that was the problem, that means it's something that can be corrected. Brad Childress needs to coach 'em up, if you will. He needs to make sure that Tarvaris understands that, right now, he needs to take what the defense gives him and not to force things when he's hemmed in by the rush. Just throw the ball out of bounds, or check down to the outlet, something Tarvaris seems to get when not faced with a stifling rush.

I think Tarvaris can bounce back from this. He'll have a break out game this year, when everything just clicks. And after he crosses the Delaware, he'll catch the Hessians napping in Trenton and it will be the turning point in the Tarvaris Revolution.

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