Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Rules

Dear readers,
I ask that you be patient with me as I tweak the award for player of the game. While striving to make it the epitome of subjective awards, I've eliminated it's name (it's no longer the Loki), added a prize (Many Wisconsin women come from the same stock as Heidi Klum) and today, I even considered giving the award to players on the other team.

Have no fear though--after today's game, I've come up with two new rules. The first, is that only Vikings can win the award. Opposing players aren't going to be shut out, however. They can win an honorable mention, which entitles them to serve as the winner's wingman. Hopefully, this incentive (remember, the prize is plural, not singular) will help the Vikings out down the road. And so, I bestow upon Mack Strong,for pushing E.J. Henderson into Matt Hasselbeck's knee, the right to be the wingman for this week's winner.

That isn't the only rule that I decided on this week. Nor was it the most important. Like many of you, even after Hasselbeck went out, I still expected the Vikings to find a way to lose. I've seen too many scrubs lead their team to victory after the Vikings' knocked out their starting QB. My anxiety only got worse after Ryan Plackemeier pinned the Vikings inside the ten. And then, well, then, Chester Taylor took the handoff, knocked around on the inside of the line, found his way to the outside, and then out ran Michael Bouleware for 90 yards on the way to end zone, scoring the Vikings' first rushing touchdown in 21 quarters, and with his 95 yard romp (here's where the rule comes in) set a record for the longest touchdown run in franchise history.

Taylore Breaks Loose!!

That helped him on his way to a 169 yard day on 26 carries, and the right to party with the Vikings' cadre of Wisconsin Women. Why? Because anytime you set a franchise record while making the pivotal play of the game, you get to be the player of the game. And with that title comes the Wisconsin Women. Hopefully Mack Strong can help him get all the enjoyment out of his experience that he could possibly want.

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