Friday, October 13, 2006

Vikings Youtube-a-palooza

No rooting guide today, mainly because it was quite stupid of me to think that there is a definite team to root for when two teams the Vikings are vying with for the playoffs are playing in Week 6. Just a silly idea.

So instead, I’m going to have a Vikings Youtube-a-palooza. You know you love it. Also, if anyone wants to buy this site for a hundred thousandth of what Google dropped for Youtube, I’m definitely willing to listen to offers.

Moving right along...I'm going to start out with the strong safety of the future, Greg Blue. Remember this hit? You might have seen it featured on Monday Night Countdown’s Jacked Up. That hit makes me feel all happy inside. The Vikings haven’t had a safety that could destroy people like that in a long time, that’s for sure.

While Darren Sharper isn’t laying people out, he is still one of the better free safeties in the league. One of the reasons is that he doesn’t have claustrophobia. I couldn’t sit inside a hyperbolic chamber like that without freaking out. I could deal with a tent, like OSU’s Anthony Gonzalez has, but not Sharper’s tube.

On the other side of the ball, it was a little harder to find good videos from the present—I wonder why. I did manage to find Troy Williamson’s highlight video from college though. It helped remind me why they drafted him 7th (and if you’re like me, you probably were mad they didn’t take Mike Williams instead. Wonder how he's doing?). As with all things Vikings, fans are a little too crazy—people need to take a step back and let Williamson develop a little before giving up on him. He’s only in his first real year of playing, and he’s stuck with Brad Johnson as his QB. Give him a little more time before you decide he's not a playmaker.

Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s being compared to Moss. Which is just unfair—Williamson has the potential to be a really good receiver. Moss is already one of the best-partly because he could pull off plays like this one.

Finally, I found a Chuck Foreman highlight video. I’m a relative new comer to the Vikings (1997 being the first season I followed them), so I’d never seen him play before. The man looks like he was a beast. Now, I couldn’t find this info on the internet, but did he have problems with fumbling? It looks like he carries the ball away from his body, like a loaf of bread. Anyone know?

I hope these clips help get you through the weekend, what with no Vikings’ game and all. And I’ll see you back here on Monday, when it’ll finally be game week again (and hope Shaun Alexander has a setback with his foot injury).

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