Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Antoine Winfield Thinks His Coaches Are Dumb

And he's right.
First of all, Winfield agrees with me that Steve Smith should have been doubled teamed.

"We were supposed to double 89," Winfield said of Panthers receiver Steve Smith. "That's all we practiced last week. Then when the calls came in Sunday, we didn't do that, except for two out of 70 plays. That's why he had 11 catches for 200-plus yards."

Also, it seems Ted Cottrell is n
ot only a horrible coach, but a filthy liar.

"We did do what we game-planned," Cottrell said. "We rolled up, we doubled and we changed our looks. There are some things going on. But we'll be all right."

If they doubled Smith on Sunday, then Mike Tice is a member of Mensa. Surprisingly enough (Ha!) none of the other coaches know what they're doing either.

"That's a problem," [Winfield] said, "It's like we go out there blind. Nothing happens on the sidelines, and they run the same plays over and over again."

It's only a matter of time before the team quits on the coaching staff (or it already happened--it's hard to tell, since blowouts are usually the tip off, and blowouts are what the Vikings do). That's not a bad thing, seeing as how we need to lose out to properly implement Operation: Reverse Herschel Walker. Winfield has also just confirmed what I already suspected: its not the players, so much as it is the coaches. Next year, when the Vikings have a real coach, there'll be some talent for him to work with.

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