Thursday, November 17, 2005


Everyone needs to calm down a little bit. I know I said that Vikings now have a decent shot at the playoffs. And that's true. But they are by no means a lock. They're still two games back. They are still playing like crap on offense (WOW! Brad Johnson is sooo good at running our offense! Remember when Daunte would routinely throw for more then 200 yards? Who needs 200 passing yards? All we need is 137 total yards because our special teams and defense will score!!)

The Vikings are playing better. That is a fact. But, much more importantly, their opponents are playing really, really badly. The Vikings aren't making the playoffs unless two things happen: their opponents continue to play like drunken monkeys, flinging the ball around like their own feces, and two, the Vikings need to beat the Bears in the season finale. And is there anyone stupid enough to actually bet on a Mike Tice led team in a playoffs or bust season finale?

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