Sunday, November 27, 2005

Loki Winner

It was tough picking who got the< Loki today, what with Darren Sharper's two picks and a great pass break up in the end zone, Pat Williams' domination of the line (and his 7 tackles), Marcus Robinson's one to one touchdown to reception ratio and BJ's solid day in the pocket. In the end, however, it was pretty clear who had created the most mischief on the field today. And that's why the Loki for today's victory goes to Calvin Michael Mosley, otherwise known as defensive tackle C.J. Mosley, #96 (I'm going to be honest-I don't have a clue where the "J" comes from either).
C.J. led the Vikings with 7 tackles, five of them solo, had 2 sacks and forced a fumble that led to one of BJ's three touchdown passes. Haven't heard of him before today? Don't feel bad-neither had I. And there's a reason for that. C.J. has racked up eight "Did Not Play"s so far this year, and had a grand total of three tackles before today. Past performance, however, is not factored into this award, and so, congratulations to C.J.--you just won the Loki for wreaking havoc on the Browns' offense (retroactive Loki's were also awarded for the Vikings previous wins)

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