Friday, November 04, 2005

The Immovable Object v. The Irresistable Force

Well, it looks like all our problems on defense are behind us--Tice is going to make it allllll better. Right. Ok. Sure. We have faith in you Tice. No, no, we're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you. We honestly believe you're the reason if the Vikings' Defense shuts down Joey Harrington. Really, really we do.

Joey v. Tice's Defense
(The Immovable Object v. the Irresistable Force)
Garcia's injury was a godsend for the Vikings (or an unlucky break, depending on if you believe in Operation Reverse Herschel Walker). Few QBs are as bad as Joey Harrington. I'll put it this way: Despite Daunte's horrible performance this year, almost every Lions' fan would be happy to have Bizarro Daunte instead of Harrington even if he continued to play like crap. The Daunte that has thrown 12 picks and has a 72 QB rating is still light years better than Joey Harrington, who has a 55.6 QB rating.
That being said, the Vikings defense is a sieve. After Jake Delholmme and Steve Smith had their way with Fred Smoot and crew, they dropped the Vikings to 23rd in Passing Yards allowed (223.6yds/game), 25th in QB Rating against (95.1) and 27th in Passing Touchdowns against (14TDs). Can Mike Tice fix this problem? To put it bluntly, no. He's an offensive line coach masquerading as a Head Coach. There's not a thing on his resume that leads me to believe he has a shot of improving the defense and there are a many, many, many things that make me think that his attention won't make a difference.
So, who's likely to win this epic battle between the Immovable Object and the irresistible Force? Me, that's who. That's only because I enjoy watching XFL level incompetence. I'm kinda weird that way.

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