Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BJ is Not the Reason

Will someone please tell Jim Souhan and Don Banks to slow their roll? BJ is not the reason that the Vikings are all of a sudden winning. A man throwing for under 200 yards a game (if he's lucky) cannot be given all of the credit for the Vikings offensive "turnaround". And yes, I meant to use those quotes.
The Vikings offense has not improved significantly under BJ, except in one category-turnovers by the defense. Yup, that's right-the defense causing turnovers is the reason why the offense has "righted" itself.
The defense is now responsible for 14 of the Vikings points in the last two games. If you factor in that 14 of the Vikings points against the Lions were scored after Joey Harrington turned it over deep in Lions' territory, 28 of the Vikings 71 points over the last three games can be attributed to the defense. Then there's the 14 points scored by the special teams against the Giants. So this new, revamped offense has generated 29 points while BJ has been starting. That's 9 2/3 points a game.
So please, please, please stop acting like BJ is the reason why the Vikings have won the three games--the credit should go to the defense and special teams.

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