Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Reverse Herschel Walker

If I'm the Vikings, after finding out the news that Daunte is CL-less, I'd stop worrying about the playoffs and implement Operation: Reverse Herschel Walker. It's a complex plan, but if Zygi has half a brain, he'll be able to pull it off.

Operation Reverse Herschel Walker
Step 1: Lose out and get the #1 overall pick in the draft.
Step 2: Fire Tice et all.
Step 3: Hire an intelligent GM *cough* Scott Pioli *cough* and have him hire a good coach.
Step 4: Trade the #1 pick to the team with the 5th or 6th pick for their first rounder and every other draft pick they have. Draft Vince Young/Laurence Maroney with the first rounder (depending on the state of Daunte's CLs)
Step 5:
Rebuild the team with draft picks and smart free agent signings.
Step 6: Go 16-0 and win the NFC.
Step 7:
Lose in the Super Bowl (I'm being realistic here) but establish yourself as a perennial Super Bowl contender.

Obviously, the key to this plan is finding a sucker, I mean a trading partner to give the Vikings all of their draft picks. It should be doable, for two reasons: Leinhart and Bush are big name "franchise" players and there's a reason these teams have the 5th/6th pick--they're run about as well as the Vikings are right now.
The other key to the strategy is obtaining the #1 overall pick. That means they have to lose to the 2-5 Browns, the 1-6 Packers and the 2-5 Ravens. This is doable. The games against the Packers and Ravens are outdoors, so they're guaranteed losses. The game against the Browns might be at the Metrodome, but I'm confident in Romeo Crennel's ability to coach circles around Mike Tice. The Vikings also need the Titans, Niners, Jets, Texans, Cardinals and Saints to win at least one more game (and in the Texans case, two more games). Also, I just realized that there a lot of teams that only have one or two wins after 8 weeks of the season. Kinda sad, really.
Anyway, once the Vikings finish up at 2-14, they'll get the #1 overall pick and be able to carry out Operation: Reverse Herschel Walker. Hopefully, it will lead to a dynasty similar to the one the Cowboys had in the early 1990s.

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