Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Vikings Loss

As I was watching the game, one thought kept running through my head: "Normally, the Vikings are the team that'd be losing here".
I mean, wasn't today's game the type that the Vikings would normally lose? They'd normally be the ones that had a ton of turnovers, horrible special teams play and was dropping passes left and right. Except that for once, it was the opponent that was throwing passes into double and triple coverage (One of the Giants' fans I was watching the game with kept asking if Eli Manning had a concussion--that would have at least explained the younger Manning's play), letting the opening kick of the second half get returned for a touchdown and dropping pass after pass.
Instead, the Vikings returned an interception, kickoff and punt for a touchdown, had one more point at the half than they had offensive yards and managed to drive into field goal range with a little more than 50 seconds left and 1 timeout (nice use of a timeout by Tice before the 2 point conversion). And it looks like Edinger, while not consistent, is at least clutch.

And while there were a lot of worthy candidates, the play of the game today goes to Laroni Gallishaw. On a punt in the second quarter, Gallishaw forced the Giants' Jamaar Taylor out of bounds, directly into Tice, taking him out. Sadly, Tice was able to shake off the hit and continue coaching.

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