Thursday, November 24, 2005

Defense BABY!

"We're not worried about their back. We're not worried about Droughns. They've got to worry about us. So I'm not worried. I don't care what they do the week before. It's just like we didn't worry about that back they had down in Green Bay. What's his name? I don't know. I didn't worry about him, either. It doesn't matter. We're not the Falcons. We're not the Dolphins, either. We're a whole different front." ~Big Pat Williams

My favorite free agent signing this offseason was Fred Smoot, mainly because he was [supposed to be] a shut down corner, but also because he talked a whole lot of smack. And, most importantly, he backed it up. His signing was so big that my friend left me a message that consisted solely of him yelling "WE GOT SMOOTY SMOOT SMOOT" for two minutes. Well, we were wrong about Smooty Smoot Smoot. We weren't wrong about the Vikings getting a trash talking stud free agent for their defense. We were just misguided in not realizing it was the man beast Pat Williams.
First of all, just look at his head. It's so gigantic his face mask is skin tight. Seriously, next time they do a close up of his face after he punishes a running back by falling on him, just sit back and marvel at the fact that he can stick his tongue out and touch his face mask with it.

Secondly, he talks shit. Lots and lots of it. Big Pat (which, amazingly, is his real nickname) rarely knows who the guys blocking him are. He just doesn't care. He's 317 lbs of fury and he's going to fall on that running back. It doesn't matter who it is, or how successful the guy has been in the past. He's going to shut him down. And that's what the Vikings have been missing since Crazy John Randle got old and bad--a stud defender who fills up an opponents bulletin board and then goes out and dominates them anyway. And while Smooty Smoot Smoot wasn't that guy, thankfully, Big Pat is, and I'm definately thankful for that.

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