Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Lions' Edition

The Good: The Lions right now are a team in turmoil. After getting embarrassed by Atlanta on Thanksgiving (which, of course, is nothing new for the Lions), Matt Millen cleaned house. Head Coach Steve Mariucci, Offensive Line Coach Pat Morris and Tight Ends Coach Andy Sugarman were all fired. To top it all off, they neglected to notify the players prior to canning Mariucci. Nothing like finding out your boss got fired from the media, rather then the organization. And then, just because no one thought it could get any worse, Dre' Bly publicly blamed Joey Harrington for Mariucci's firing. (Ok, I know that this should probably go under the ugly, but I think the fact that the Lions have to deal with all this crap is a good thing for the Vikings--honestly, can you see the Lions playing well this week after this fiasco? A real franchise, maybe, but the Lions?).

The Bad: Jeff Garcia is going to be the starting QB on Sunday. Normally, that wouldn't be that big of a deal, except for the fact that the Vikings don't get to face Joey "2 turnovers guaranteed" Harrington. Garcia isn't going to be reminding people of Dan Marino any time soon, but he is a smart, veteran quarterback that isn't likely to make as many mistakes as Joey. Since the Vikings are dependent on turnovers to score points, that could be a problem for the offense on Sunday.

The Ugly: I think Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press did a better job of summing up the ugliness that is the Lions Franchise then I could hope to:

"Joey Harrington didn't get Mariucci fired. No more than Roy Williams did by falling down on that Thanksgiving Day interception. No more than Shawn Bryson did fumbling a few minutes later. No more than Kevin Jones did with his disappointing season. No more than Charles Rogers did by flunking his drug test. No more than the offensive line did in collapsing or the defensive line did by racking up penalties. No more than the defensive backs -- including Dre' Bly -- did by allowing nobodies like Chicago's Kyle Orton and Carolina's Chris Weinke to have big moments."

The really sad part is that's the Sparknotes version of the ugly parts of the Lions' season.

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