Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The National Media Catches On

There's something comforting in knowing that the people who write for the national sports websites are no smarter then the average Viking fan. Or maybe I meant to write disturbing. I'm not really sure.

Roy Johnson wrote on that he thinks the Vikings should trade Daunte. It's an argument that can be made intelligently (Vikes Geek did) but he failed to do so. Instead, he wrote sentences like this one:

"They've won six straight games, the latest, an almost routine 27-13 victory over the Rams on Sunday, featured five interceptions by a revived defense and, most important, another pedestrian but effective performance by Culpepper's replacement, Brad Johnson."

Obviously, a pedestrian performance is more important then a rookie quarterback throwing FIVE interceptions. Any one who knows their football would agree. Anyone think Roy Johnson actually pays attention to what he writes? Because I sure don't.

To be fair ran this piece by Andrew Perloff to go along with Roy Johnson's. Perloff's is a lot more realistic and...intelligent. Yup, Intelligent was the word I wanted there.

[Edit: When I was looking up the Vikings' Power Rankings, I found a story about the Vikings' quarterback "controversy" at cbssportsline. Theirs is actually intelligent, but you'd think that the national websites would be able to come up with different angles, what with the NFL being a 32 team league and all, but I guess not.]


Anonymous said...
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TBird41 said...

That last comment was so beautifully written, so laden with insight, that the Bard himself would have cried upon reading it. That's why it was removed--this is a site about the Vikings--we aren't allowed to have beautiful things because we'll only end up crushing them, like poor Lennie did his mice.