Saturday, December 10, 2005

Vikings' Fans are Idiots

[I got these comments from an article in the Pioneer Press about who should be the Vikings QB next year]

"As a longtime Vikings fan, my vote is for Brad Johnson.

Reason: Culpepper is worthless under pressure. If the opponents have a good defense, they can fluster Culpepper to where he is unable to function mentally and physically.

When things are going well, Culpepper shines. When things are not going well, Culpepper stinks. The Vikings need a QB who is cool under pressure like Brad Johnson."

Like when Brad Johnson led the Vikings to under 20 total yards in the 1st half against the Giants? He didn't look like he was functioning mentally or physically the entire game, except for the last drive, when the Giants WERE NOT PRESSURING HIM because they were too busy trying to lose with their prevent defense.

"Are you serious? What a question!

My understanding of competitive sports is that you try to win your game.

Lose with overrated and overpaid Culpepper or win with Brad Johnson.

Obvious choice... Brad Johnson"

-Jan, White Bear Lake

Before Daunte got hurt, the Vikings lost to the Bucs (8-4), the Panthers (9-3), the Bengals (9-3), the Bears (9-3) and the Falcons (7-5). All 5 are ahead of the Vikings in the standings right now. They beat the Packers (2-10) and the Saints (3-9). Since BJ took over, the Vikings have beaten the Lions twice (4-8), Packers (2-10) and the Browns (4-8). Also, the Defense and the Special Teams beat the Giants (8-4). So is BJ a winner because of he's good, or because of the schedule? I'll let you draw your own conclusions. I'm not even going to go into the difference in the play of the defense.

"The choice is clearly Brad Johnson. He's led the Vikings to five consecutive victories and has shown more leadership than Daunte. Brad's more efficient and knows when to take the sack. And, oh, by the way, Brad knows how to slide."
-Giles, Vadnais Heights

Unnecessary cheap shot by Giles there--though I'm not sure I've ever seen BJ slide, since he usually gets caught from behind instead. Also, Daunte has a better completion percentage then BJ (and more attempts) for the season. He also had one of the best years ever for a QB last year, but obviously, that is in no way relevent, since Daunte's a loser, who's never won anything.

In conclusion, Vikings' fans are idiots. Instead of hoping that Daunte will get healthy and regain the discipline he had last year when he would win games by himself, they want to get replace him with a 37 year old stiff who at best is not going to lose games by himself.

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