Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Vikings Corollary

As you all know (and likely don't care) Monday Night Football is moving to ESPN from its sister station ABC. Naturally, Sportscenter had to feature MNF in its Top Ten, since the move is such a huge story. The top two plays? Tony Dorsett's 99 yard run against the Vikings in 1983, and Antonio Freeman's catch on his back against the Vikings in 2000. It's just another piece of evidence that supports my Viking Corollary: whenever the offensive highlights of a player (or, it seems, a television broadcast) are being shown, they will prominently feature the Vikings' defense getting torched by said player.

MNF? Yup.
Brett Farve? Yup.
Emmitt Smith? Yup..
Walter Payton? Yup.
Michael Vick? Yup.
Any member of the Greatest Show On Turf? Yup.
Steve Young? Yup.
Tony Dorsett? Yup.
Terry Bradshaw? Yup.

Sadly, I could continue. Obviously, players who didn't play against the Vikings are exempt, but to my knowledge, there are no other exceptions to the Vikings' Corollary since the Vikings' inception in 1961. I wish I were wrong, but, well, I'm not. It's something that Vikings' fans are just going to have to live with.

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