Monday, December 05, 2005

Piling On

I'm going to talk about the game tomorrow, but I had to say something about Tice taking pot shots at his injured punter.

"Punters: They don't know about pain, He was out there yelling and whistling and every other thing. He could have had a concert out there with all the noises he was making."

For the love of God, give the punter a break. He was already out there punting on a sprained knee. Then he had some jackass illegally barrel into him while he's vulnerable. That's his career that Vernon Fox almost ruined with that cheapshot. And yes, he's a punter. He's not a big, tough meathead like Tice is. Whatever. Here's the other thing: he's probably going to play against the Rams. It's not like he's going to milk the injury. He'll be back out there on Sunday doing his job, and doing it better then Tice is doing his.

I might understand this if he was trying to motivate Kluwe to play the next week (which wouldn't be necessary until midweek), but he started in on him immediately after the game, before he even knew how serious it was. What was the point? All he did was antagonize Kluwe. A good coach wouldn't have called out his injured punter there, because he'd understand that he shouldn't get his players mad at him unless necessary. Making fun of Kluwe, however, just wasn't necessary.

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