Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who Needs a Neck?

The MVP of the Vikings season is up to his old tricks again. The problem is, that for the first time, his confidence in himself is likely misplaced. When Pat Williams (You thought I was talking about Brad Johnson? You obviously don't know me) told the press on Monday that he's "run through [Bettis] plenty of times" and that "[Bettis] ain't really no problem", he seems to have forgotten exactly what happened the last time the two matched up. In that game in 2001, Bettis ran for 114 yards on the Bills.

2001 you say? Wasn't that four years ago? While that's "technically" true, it's not like the wheels have fallen off the Bus (puns are fun!). He just pounded his way through the Bears' top rated, Brian Urlacher led defense, even carrying Urlacher into the endzone on one play. Bettis dominated the Bears' defense so completely that Peter King led with the story in his Monday Morning Quarterback column this week. That performance does not bode well for Big Pat and the Vikings. Especially since Napolean "I Hope Troy Williamson is Good" Harris will be starting at linebacker for the injured Keith Newman. And I think we can all agree the Harris is no Urlacher.

"I shall fall on you Jerome"

"Nay Big Pat, I shall instead run over you, just like our previous encounter"

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