Thursday, December 29, 2005

The New 3 Deep?

Let me tell you--it's really hard to analyze a game that no one, (including myself) cares about. The Vikings are going to try hard to win. Da Bears are not. Game, set, match Minnesota. Though, at least the Vikings are planning on working in some of their younger players. Troy Williamson playing up to his draft spot next year is the only way for the Randy Moss trade to not end up a bust. And, if the Vikings are able to resign Koren Robinson (and he avoids trouble this offseason) and Nate Burleson avoids the injury bug, they would have their best group of wide recievers since Chris Carter, Randy Moss and Jake Reed were 3-Deep. Plus they would probably have the deepest recieving core in the NFL, with Marcus Robinson and Travis Taylor as their fourth and fifth wideouts.

That talent, of course, would be wasted with an offensive coordinator that doesn't know how to use them (like this year) and a quarterback that can't get them the ball. The talent for the return of the Vikings' high flying passing attack next year is there, it's just a matter of whether a good offensive coordinator can be found and if Daunte returns to his 2004 form.

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